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Welcome to BLOOM Paris

BLOOM PARIS came to life following a wonderful trip to South India in Pondicherry. The comings and goings to Goubert market – the local market – with its many spices, fruits and vegetables, its numerous colours and array of fabrics – immediately charmed us.

Inspired by these months spent in India and the following trips, we wanted to create a collection of timeless items out of these fabrics.

Printed by hand, these fabrics are produced in limited series, making our items exclusive.

Our pieces are artisanal made, which means they may have small imperfection, (part of the craft that makes our products unique).

Bloom Paris radiates an elegant Indo-Parisian exoticism. Like it, it reflects a certain state of mind, a chic and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Our categories

Indian refinement with a French flair to brighten up your interior